Discussing the Implementation of Queensland Health SAP-HCM Report (Assessment)

The pitfalls of introducing a new human resources information system at Queensland Health can be explained by inconsistent of steps taken to transform the previously established systems. Lack of sufficient testing, absence of project team plan, and impossibility to evaluate the complexity of the situation are among the major reasons of failure.


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According to Arnold edu birdie reviews (2006), “the first mistake business leaders make is understanding the complexity of a conversion” (p. 125). Hence, it is purposeful to define the extent to which a system should be transformed before introducing the corresponding changes.

Further, underscoring the importance of organizational, technological, and environmental factors contribute to integrating effectively new technological systems (Troshani et al., 2011). Specifically, learning contingency factors is significant for introducing innovation because it has a potent impact on further success of the information system functioning.

In this respect, three pillars of effective process involve “technology, organization and environment” (Troshani et al., 2011, p. 473) All these component can provides a strong ground for introducing technological changes and improving the overall payroll system at the Queensland Health SAP-HCM.

Finally, aside from inside contingency factors, external factors, as well as problems that should be foreseen in a broader context, should also be counted while integrating modern HCM systems. Thus, Badgi (2006) states, “…as you start addressing the challenges in a more systematic way…your user community will begin to have confidence in your commitment to address their issues” (p. 2).

A three-phase evaluation is an inherent condition for successful implementation of human resource system program. This strategy should also be applicable to the case under analysis because it will provide clarity and consistency to their payroll system.


Arnold, J T 2007, ‘Moving to a New HRIS. Time for a new human resource information system? Plan ahead for a painless conversion’, HR Magazine , pp. 125-132.


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