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Table of Contents

Brief Summary of the Book

Information on Arthur Ferill

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Abstract of the Book’s Content

Book’s Thesis/ Argument

Conclusion and Recommendations

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Book Review on “Fall of the Roman Empire: The Military Explanation” by Arthur Ferill

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Brief Summary of the Book

This is a book that was written by Arthur Ferill with regards to the fall of the western empire. The author states that the barbarians were allowed to settle in Rome’s buffer zones. This was a strategy that was used to delude attacks from other barbarians in their struggle.

The military organizations were staged by Vegetius who was a major reactor to the wars that were happening in the region. In his explanations, he stated the procedures of how people should indulge in winning a battle. For instance, he cited how to train troops, the art of handling troops and how to handle battle engagement.

Apparently, the wide spread of the German culture, language and popularity increased the fall of the western empire. The people were united and increased their solidarity with barbarians in making sure the western empire deteriorated in its performance. In the end, the unification of the barbarians and Germans abundantly decreased the size of the Roman Empire.

In essence, the Germans used the barbarians to upsurge a friction between them. This affected the Roman Empire by dividing them thus decreasing reviews.io their number. The small number could not sustain a battle with the Germans thereby leading to their downfall.

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Information on Arthur Ferill

Arthur Ferill is a respected author in the United States and resides in Seattle. He is a practicing professor in the University of Washington majoring in history. He has written a number of works of arts related to history of the ancient times. Reportedly, he is a bold contributor who has gone to greater height in explaining the fall of the Roman Empire.

He retorts of information that the empires should have done in his work of arts. This is due to his involvement in the military and army processions that have given him the experience to tackle such instances. Ferill asserts that the Roman Empire dealt with simple tactics that led to their failure.

Ferill is the only person known to be a critique on the attacks that were used by the Roman Empire in securing their territory. He remarks that they were unsuccessful yet they had enough resources.

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He is disgusted by the fact that the roman army was strong with over half a million army men but still failed to concur the Germans. He further states that the Roman Empire army was weakened by an upcoming army that did not have much experience.

The Roman Empire was destabilized by their fighting tactics which had been existent for a long time. On the contrary, the German army was still growing in their experience but was able to control the Roman Empire.

In this regard, Ferill explains that it does not matter how long an army has been in practice but the tactics it uses determines the outcome. This means that the war was determined by superior infants that used highly graded operations.

Abstract of the Book’s Content

The book “fall of the roman empire” encompasses a number of processions that took place during the overruling of the Roman Empire. The book explains the major events in the collapse of the western empire including the tactics and army. For instance, he explains the military history that was used by both sides in coming out successful.

Though the author does not state the causes of war, social and cultural considerations; he tries to explain the doctrines, logistics and technology that were used by the clashing sides. For instance, the major setback to the Roman Empire was the division of the barbarian people who split.

The barbarians acted as a buffer zone to the Roman Empire which was an advantage to the Germans. This was a military strategy incepted by the Germans to ensure their enemies were indeed divided in their fight for the Roman Empire.

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Book’s Thesis/ Argument

The book “fall of the roman empire” states that the fall of the Roman Empire was a due to a collapse in the military and army. The book is provocative to the decisions that were made in coming up with the strategies that were used. In essence, the book strategizes on the failures that led to collapse of the Roman Empire. To begin with, the Roman Empire was over five centuries old and was developing during the entire time.

The Roman Empire had all the equipment and army gear that could be used to secure its territory. Additionally, the leaders in the Roman Empire had all the resources in coming up with a better protective army in the region to help in establishing its own territory.

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However, the army was defeated in maintaining the roman territory hence the fall. Had the Roman Empire established a better army through its existing period, it could have successfully repelled the German invasions.

This means that the army was less focused on its organization with the feeling that it had better experience over the other armies in the region. If the Roman Empire focused on organizing its military army in the best way possible, they could not be overpowered by the emerging army composed by the Germans.

There are many critiques that have cited that the Roman Empire collapsed due to a failure in the primary military phenomenon.

On the other hand, the German army was less than three centuries old in the developing world. They did not have all the possible equipment in the army but had to develop in making sure they were prepared in protecting their territory. Since they were focused, they had more time in coming up with better strategies that were successful.

The army concentrated on making sure they had everything in order by exploring better tactics. Apparently, the Roman Empire was regarded to have the best army in the region. It was almost impossible for the Germans to embark in a battle with the Roman Empire since it was well constructed. On the contrary, the strongest army in the battle was overtaken by an up surging army.

This is a major place of concern since a weak, fragmented and economically unstable empire confronted a strong roman empire and emerged victorious. This shows that as long as an army is organized in the best way possible, a failing economy and collapsing administrative power will not affect the outcome of the results. Therefore, organized arm resistance is a vital factor that should be considered before starting a battle.

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The Roman Empire was deeply affected by the inclusion of the barbarians in the German empire. The German empire incepted the barbarians into their territory to assist in fighting against the Roman Empire. The barbarians were used to fight with the army in the Roman Empire.

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This was an invasion that was successful in that the Roman Empire did not have clear facts on the barbarians. The Roman Empire was not clear if the barbarians were on their side or on their support during the invasion. This was another major drawback to the Roman Empire as it did not succeed in fighting the Germans.

Conclusion and Recommendations

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In conclusion, the argument forwarded by Ferill seems to have a base argument that explains the events and why they had to happen in the stated procession. It is true that the weaker army won in the battle against the roman empire which was at a better placement in terms of the economy, development and most important, the army.

Secondly, the Roman Empire did not concentrate on strategizing the military activities that would help them in fighting against their enemies. Instead, they concentrated on having a good economic development in the country. Similarly, the empire focused on organizational needs that could improve the performance of the country and neglected invasions by the Germans.

Thirdly, the Roman Empire had poor organizational structure in their army. The Roman Empire hard invested in a large army in the entire region, that it had developed due respect, including the neighboring empires. The respect was accorded due to the economic muscle and experience that the empire had developed. However, they did not increase the efficiency in the army making it fail in securing the territory.

Germans, on the other hand had a young army that they used in fighting the Roman Empire. Using strategic attacks, they succeeded in conquering the Roman Empire, including inclusion of barbarians. To crown it all, the Roman Empire was at the verge of winning any battle that would occur at that time, but due to disorganized army, they failed to protect edubirdie.com reviews their territory.